A Tree Service Will Protect Your Property and Well-Being

Storms can damage trees in a number of ways. While the most visible way is a tree being toppled, there are also instances where a tree is left damaged by a lightning strike, branches that have been compromised, and bark that has been torn away. Any damage done to a tree during a storm should be evaluated by a tree service like Green Leaf Tree Service.

Branch Damage

Sometimes when large branches are ripped from trees, either completely or left dangling, removing the branches will take care of the situation. The entire tree is not necessarily damaged and you won’t have to incur the expense of complete tree removal. However, it is important that you have the branches tended to immediately to avoid any one from becoming injured who may be standing, walking, or playing under the branches.

Shorn Bark

For bark that has been shorn away from winds, heavy rains, or lightning strikes, it is vital that a tree service inspects the tree to determine what can be done to preserve it. The bark is like your tree’s skin; it protects the inside of your tree from disease and insects. When the bark has been removed this makes your tree vulnerable. Homeowners will sometimes attempt home remedies such as using black tar to create a protective layer. While this may work in some cases, it is best to call in a professional arborist so they can perform their magic and give you their opinions.

Tree Leveling

If your tree has been damaged beyond repair, tree removal may be the only option. Homeowners should never attempt to level a tree on their own. There is a special method for removing trees that will protect the other trees in the area, your property, your safety, and your neighbor’s property. Call a tree service like Green Leaf Tree Service to give you a free estimate. Tree companies base their rates on the circumference and height of the trees. A professional tree service will not be able to provide you with a proper estimate without seeing the tree first. Always find out about removal and clean-up services, too.

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