Checklist for Moving Preparations and Hiring Moving Companies

mover4After saving for a long time, the day has finally come that you bought a house. Now, you have to prepare your move into your dream home. After dealing with realtors, title agencies, and lenders, organizing a move may seem like a piece of cake. Do not be fooled, because a lot of things can go wrong when this venture is not planned properly. Start by investigating several Indianapolis moving companies, and making a preparation checklist. You can also learn a lot from the following four smart tips.

1. Start Early

Do not wait until the possession date to start planning your move. You may run out of time, and the mover you want to hire may already be booked that day by someone else. For that reason, and many others, find a reputable moving company as soon as you signed the paperwork at the bank and title agency. Request a free in-house quote from at least three contenders. Call, email or go to the moving company’s office to schedule this appointment. Keep in mind that movers are always extremely busy on the first day of the month.

2. Clean House

Professional movers will ask for an inventory. They need to know which size truck to schedule and the amount of movers required to complete the manual labor. Save yourself a lot of money by getting rid of junk and excess furniture. Donate, throw out or sell anything that no longer has value to you. Look upon it as getting a nice, clean, uncluttered start at your new residence.

3. Decide Which Services You Need

If you and your partner are working during the day, and you already have children, you may not have the time to pack your possessions in crates and boxes. You may not even have time to go buy all the necessary packing supplies. If that is the case, ask your movers to manage your entire move. Your only responsibility will then be to relocate your valuables. You should take important documents, cash, jewelry, and other treasures with you in the car at the time of the move.

4. Set a Realistic Moving Date

You will have to take several aspects of this venture into account when setting a moving date. All the paperwork of the house purchase has to be finalized; the financing should be in place, and you need ample time to cancel utilities, send out address changes, and make other typical moving arrangements. Make sure that you can get several days off work, because once you are in your new place, you will get the urge to start organizing things right away. See which one of your preferred Indianapolis moving companies is available on the day you selected. Hire the one with the best reputation and competitive fees.

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