Finding the In-Home Care Alternative

After major surgery, many people have to stay in a rehabilitation center for a number of weeks to heal, work with physical therapists, and have 24 hour care. Often times, as people age, they may be faced with the difficult move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. If you have a loved one who needs medical care or assistance at home every day or help after surgery, you may be faced with the decision of leaving them in a rehab center or a nursing home. Wouldn’t they be much more comfortable and happier at home? There are a number of services that offer in-home care in Richmond to help you or your loved ones. Here’s how to find the best ones.


Ask about Their Caregiver’s Experience and Training

There are plenty of home care services that are happy to send someone out to your home to be there while you or a family member needs help. But who are they really sending? Is it someone who has medical training and experience or someone who is just going to come sit in front of the TV all day who doesn’t even know CPR? It is absolutely essential you ask what education, experience, and training the caregiver has who is coming to your home. Preferably you want someone who is a certified nurse practitioner or a CNA.


Check Their Certifications

Before you let an in-home caregiver into your home, check them out with the Virginia State Medical Board. Make sure they’ve never had any official complaints or reports filed against them. If any member of their staff has ever had reports filed against them, make sure that person is no longer employed at the agency. 

They should also be affiliated with professional associations such as the Council on Accreditation, The Community Health Accreditation Program, and the Virginia Assisted Living Association. These associations monitor home health care companies’ ethics, standards, training, violations, and stand as advocates for patients who have been mistreated.


Services Offered

You wouldn’t want to go to one hospital for pain medication, another for a CT scan, and yet another just to get your blood pressure checked would you? You shouldn’t have to have multiple caregivers come in every day to help out with different tasks and offer medical attention either. Make sure that the agency can offer all the services you or your loved one may need.

  • Giving medication
  • CPR
  • Running errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Driving to appointments
  • Help with physical therapy
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • Cleaning, dressing, toileting
  • Nursing care
  • 24 hour care
Doing your homework, asking questions, and spending some time interviewing different agencies that offer in-home care in Richmond will help ensure that you hire the best caregiver you or your family member deserves.


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