How Montessori Can Benefit Your Children

You are the mother of a toddler. Having a toddler in your home is a joy, and there is never a dull moment. You love spending time with your young child and watching him experience the world. Everything seems so fascinating to your son. Whether it is a light turning on and off, or a dog’s wagging tail, your child finds joy in everything. He is growing older, and you’ve noticed his curiosity growing as well. As your son grows, you want to encourage his natural sense of wonder as much as you can. You spend a lot of your free time with your son answering questions and trying to nurture his creativity. There have been many finger paint messes, and there is always mud in your kitchen, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Your son is your pride and joy, and you want to keep him close to you as long as possible. Next year he will be eligible for preschool, and you are already starting to miss him! Sending your child off to preschool is a big step, and you want the best for your son. You’ve spent countless hours touring schools, but you want to find the one that is perfect for your son. So far, you haven’t seen any conventional schools that have popped out to you. You don’t want your son to be forced into a specific curriculum. You were slightly discouraged by a few schools that you looked at, but you have begun looking into Montessori. Here are some ways that Montessori in Irvine can benefit your child. 

Maria Montessori designed her teaching method with each unique child in mind. Maria understood that children are instinctively curious. Young children are incredibly interested in the world around them, so having a strict curriculum can be unproductive for some children. Children love to learn, but most children would rather learn on their own terms. If a child is uninterested in something that they are being taught, they may come to see learning as boring. A disinterested child often sees schooling as a negative thing. Maria Montessori understood this, and so she chose to teach in an environment that is productive to children. Instead of having a forced curriculum, the Montessori method focuses on letting a child choose what they want to learn about. In a typical Montessori classroom, a child is given a few options. For example, there may be a lesson on music, art, or literature. Each child can choose which option best fits their interest. 

In addition to teaching a child according to their interests, Montessori also seeks to make children better citizens. In a slightly less organized classroom, a teacher has more flexibility. They are able to observe children in a relaxed environment. These loose boundaries often allow children to show their personalities. This gives a teacher insight into how the child interacts with others and deals with a variety of situations. Montessori teachers use these interactions to teach children how to be kind to others. In a Montessori setting, children will also learn about sharing, creativity, and helping others.

Montessori schools often have a very low student-to-teacher ratio. This means that for every teacher, there is a small number of students. This gives the teachers the ability to spend more time with each child. Many schools are overcrowded, so this gives your child a unique advantage that many children do not get to enjoy. If you are wanting to send your son to a good preschool, consider calling a Montessori in Irvine!

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