How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Going Broke

Of course, true love doesn’t cost a dime… but chances are, your lovely lady is still expecting you to buy her an engagement ring. Given the amount of variables—styles and prices are just the beginning—and jewelers, most men are overwhelmed by the task of picking out the perfect ring. Of course, it only becomes more challenging if you are trying to pick “The Ring” without her knowing you are up to something. This is not the sort of purchase you want online on an impulse at 2:30 in the morning. Go visit a reputable jeweler with a showroom of engagement rings in Milwaukee. 

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

Engagement rings can be pricey, and it is a bad idea to start a marriage with any more financial stress than you absolutely need to acquire. All major jewelers offer financing plans to purchase engagement rings. If you are in a hurry, this may be a good deal, but you should double check the details and think seriously about your ability to make the payments. Most companies offer 0% interest if you pay off the full balance within a relatively short timeframe (typically six months or one year). However, the interest rates become quite steep if you are late on any payments. It is typically a better financial choice to select a ring you can pay for up front.

Ways to Save 

There are several ways to get the most bang (or bling) for your buck. First, consider buying a stone that is just below certain weight thresholds. For example, a 0.9 carat diamond appears almost identical to a 1 carat stone but can cost around $1000 less. And the higher the weight threshold, the bigger the price difference becomes. Second, buy your stone alone (or “loose”). Not only does this save you advertising markups on particular settings and bands, but it also allows you to examine the entire surface of the gem. Third, always remember to negotiate. The idea is to have the woman you love wear this ring for the rest of her life—if you find the perfect ring, work for it! For the most part, jewelers are genuinely interested in helping you sort through the options and find what you are looking for (often by helping you determine what it is you are actually looking for in the first place…) A quality jeweler will not be offended or manipulative if you try to negotiate for the best deal on engagement rings in Milwaukee.

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