Less Common Services to Look for in a Vet

Many of the people that are looking for a San Jose vet, are not just interested in getting their pets treated for the common problems, they also want additional services. One of the things they are looking for is preventative programs that will enable them to bypass the more serious problems that cats, dogs, and other pets often get. Wellness exams can be an important aspect of preventative medicine for pets. Vaccinations are another tool for avoiding future diseases.

Behavior Training

Another service that many pet owners desire to have is behavior training. Many clinics offer this in addition to the healthcare services they offer for pets. Dogs that are better trained are typically happier than poorly trained dogs because they can be given more freedom. Ill-mannered dogs do not get as much positive attention as a well-trained dog. Studies indicate that most dog owners believe that rewarding the good behavior of their pet is the most successful way to train a dog.

The Importance of Diagnostic Tests

One of the most important skills a veterinarian can have is the ability to diagnose a medical condition. When a person’s pet has a problem that they are not sure what the cause is, they can end up wasting a lot of time and money trying to figure out what it is. This is why a good vet that has the necessary experience and skill to quickly identify the real problem is worth their weight in gold. One disease that can be difficult to diagnose is tick-borne Lyme disease. Unfortunately, this disease can often be fatal.

Liver Disease

Liver disease can be extremely difficult to diagnose because of the many functions that the liver performs. There are numerous symptoms and they widely vary from each other. One of them is jaundice and another is hepatomegaly which is the enlargement of the liver and the distension of the abdomen is often associated with it. Another common symptom is grayish, soft feces. The earlier this disease can be identified the better. This is why the diagnostic abilities of the vet are so important.


Interestingly, dental services for pets have become increasingly popular in recent years. It is believed that most dogs need to have professional dental care by the time they are three years old. The frequency of teeth examinations is usually determined based on how quickly calculus accumulates on the dogs teeth. It is suggested that by brushing the teeth and gums three times per week or more, the dental visits to the vet can be greatly reduced. When looking for a San Jose vet, one should find out if they provided additional services besides treating the common problems that pets have.

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