Packing Tips for Putting Your Possessions in Storage

Whether you’re downsizing your living space or need a place to store items, you may consider purchasing a unit to securely hold your things for you. When preparing to put things into storage in Palo Alto, there are several things that you should consider doing in order to prevent breaking or losing items. As you pack your things, you should consider prepping large appliances to keep them in good condition, properly fill boxes, utilize space savers, and carefully wrap fragile items. 

Prep Large Appliances

It’s important to take the time to properly prep your large appliances. These are usually more expensive items that would be costly to have to replace. You should start preparing them for the move by thoroughly cleaning and drying them. This will prevent bacteria from growing or rust from being acquired on the items. Drain fluids completely, especially lawn mowers and other things that may contain dangerous liquids. Take the time to tape down doors and secure any moving parts. Wrap electric cords to protect yourself from tripping when moving the items. You should also wrap each item with paper mats and cover them to prevent scratching. Be wary of the things that you place on top of these items. 

Properly Fill Boxes 

Boxes are a good choice for packing since they can easily be stacked in your unit and can clearly be labelled. Choose ones that are sturdy and close. Make sure that you fill them completely to keep things from rattling around while moving them. You can fill empty spaces with bubble wrap, newspaper, or other things as needed to prevent collapsing and to absorb shock. On the other hand, you don’t fill them so full that you are unable to lift and move the box. It is advised to keep boxes to about 50 pounds or less. Also, don’t store anything that is combustible (paint, chemical, etc.) or perishable. This will protect your other possessions from damage. As you stack boxes in your unit, put heavier ones on the bottom and the lightest ones on top.

Utilize Space Savers 

Utilizing space savers can also be helpful when filling your unit. This refers to the idea of packing smaller items within larger things. For example, try storing pots and pans inside your stove or microwave. You could also fill drawers with lighter items. As you are utilizing this idea, make sure that you don’t fill things so full that they are too heavy to move. 

Wrap Fragile Items

When it comes to your fragile items, you want to make sure that you take the time to wrap the items thoroughly to protect the item from breaking or getting damaged. You could use foam, bubble wrap, tissue, or other things that will protect it. When you pack it, make sure that you clearly mark it as a fragile item to alert those moving the item. You should also be aware of where you place it within the unit. Mirrors and pictures, for example, should not be placed flat when storing these items. Put these items between other objects and remember where you can find them when you need it.

When you need to put your things into storage in Palo Alto, take the time to carefully and properly prepare your things. This will ensure that your things are protected and well-maintained until you are ready to retrieve it for whatever reason.

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