Pizza: A Reason for an Extended Stay

74-76You may not think a small city in North Texas is very noteworthy. You may think it’s not even worth a pit stop, let alone a visit for its own sake, but you would be wrong—very, very wrong. In fact, there is very good reason for an extended stay in Lubbock, TX. This reason has nothing to do with any of the three universities that call the city home, nor Lubbock High School, which has been thrice recognized as one of the top high schools in the nation by Newsweek. It has nothing to do with the legacy of musician Buddy Holly, who was born in the city, or the music festival that used to bear his name. It is completely unrelated to Joyland Amusement Park, the Silent Wings Museum, and even the National Ranching Heritage Center. So what is this mysterious reason for visiting and lingering in this city? Pizza.

Heaven on Earth

Yes, you read that correctly. Pizza. In Texas. You see, by some fluke of the cosmos and possible bad directions, the best pizza in the United States —possibly even the entire world- can be found in Lubbock. The crust strikes that sweet spot in between too thin and too thick, where you get enough chew to make it feel like a meal and enough thickness to support the sauce and cheese and toppings (should you opt for them), yet isn’t so thick that you feel like you’re eating a bread stick, or worse, French bread pizza. The sauce is tomatoey and herbaceous, but not distracting. And the cheese? Oh, the cheese is nothing short of drool-worthy. One slice of this pizza will ruin all other pizzas forever, as you will be hard-pressed to find one that can live up to it. If you are a pizza connoisseur, you might as well just pack up and move —you’re not going to find better.

The Universal Language of Yum

The artisans behind this circular culinary feat are a pair of brothers who hail from Sicily, Italy, via New York City. Their accents are still thick as the day they left their homeland, and if you’re not good at reading lips or listening very, very closely, you may have a difficult time understanding what’s being said to you. It won’t matter, though. Once your decently-sized slice of heaven arrives in front of you, you will know that all that needed to be communicated has been. And then, you will begin dreaming of your next extended stay in Lubbock, TX, when you can once again taste pizza the way it was intended to be.

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