Storage Units Are Lifesavers for Wives of Hoarder Husbands

What happens when a woman who has always prided herself on maintaining and living in a clean home marries a man who has some major hoarding tendencies? Obviously, this type of union usually requires quite the compromise on both sides, but what happens if your hubby just can’t give up his hoarding habits?

Your house is full of random tools, old magazines, and even empty shoe boxes. You love your husband, but you feel like you just can’t live in this type of environment anymore. It’s truly maddening. You are starting to lose hope when you come up with a fantastic idea.

The Storage Unit Solution

Your husband isn’t going to want to get rid of his stuff. That’s just how hoarders are. They feel like they have to keep everything, because they might need some of their random items one day. Throwing away his stuff just isn’t going to work, and since you can’t handle having it all in your home anymore, you can just find somewhere else to store it.

All you have to do is contact a self-storage company in Reno and you can have them store your husband’s stuff for him. He doesn’t have to throw any of it away if he doesn’t want to. He can keep all of those shoe boxes in his very own storage unit. Then if the day ever comes when he actually needs them, he knows exactly where to find them, and he has the key.

It really is the perfect solution, because he can keep all of his stuff and you can have your house back.

Marriage Saved

You always knew that you loved your husband. It was just his hoarding habits that were really the problem. Now that you are using a self-storage company in Reno, you can leave all those frustrations and disagreements behind and just focus on the important things like enjoying quality time with your husband and children.

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