Three Care Tips to Remember after Leaving the Jewelers

When you purchase something from jewelers in Milwaukee that you are especially fond of, it is important to know how to properly care for it. Taking time to complete regular cleanings, properly storing the items, and knowing what occasions are inappropriate to wear them will help you keep everything in good condition.  

Regular Cleaning

Jewelry needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can purchase a specialized polishing cloth and commercial cleaner to use on each piece. You could also utilize rubbing alcohol, but do not use bleach and dry the items completely before putting them away. This should be done after each time you wear the items. It will be helpful to remove perfume, hair spray, and other things that could have been exposed to the jewelry while you were wearing it. There are also other items that need special attention. This includes pearls and any damaged items. If possible, it is highly recommend to bring your items to someone that can clean them professionally for you.

Proper Storage

When storing your jewelry, it’s important to do so carefully to make sure that nothing tangles. You can store them in a container that will prevent them from moving around. Jewelry boxes can be purchased from various locations that are well-equipped to store the different type of items that you have in your possession. Consider purchasing one that is lined with fabric which would be ideal to keep your items in the best possible condition. You can also purchase anti-tarnish strips to absorb oxidants. This will help your jewelry keep its luster when it’s not being worn.

Choose Occasions

When you love a particular item, it can be fun to wear all the time. If you want to keep it in top-notch condition, however, you need to remember to take it off for certain situations. This includes when applying makeup, completing manual tasks, swimming in chlorine-treated water, sleeping, bathing, cooking, gardening, cleaning with chemicals, and playing contact sports. Taking the time to remove your jewelry will prevent damage or exposure to harmful chemicals.

If you have any questions regarding the proper care for your items, contact one of the available jewelers in Milwaukee to discuss care techniques with you for your particular pieces. In the meantime, remember to take your time to complete regular cleanings, handle the items with care, and bring them in for regular servicing as applicable. This will help you keep everything looking great.

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